Kalymnos (aka Kalimnos)

Greek: Κάλυμνος | Pronounced: `kalimnos
  • Arginonda - Kalymnos
  • Kalymnos
  • Kalymnos - Grande Grotta
  • Kalymnos
  • Kalymnos

Overview of Kalymnos

Relaxed yet adventurous, Dodecanese Kalymnos is one of the most authentic destinations among the Greek islands. Steep mountains and craggy cliffs are its landmark, attracting devoted rock climbers who arrive here from all over the world to feel the adrenaline. Kalymnos is also known for its sponges. Back in the old days, it used to be an international sea sponge supplier. Sponge fishing is still practiced today, although more limited.

The island is eternally tied to the sea: Beautiful seashores with the prettiest shades of blue, a fascinating seabed ideal for diving and snorkeling, sea-food gastronomy and fearless, open hearted inhabitants/sponge divers. Kalymnos never relied on tourism to make ends meet; therefore, it remained wild and unspoiled. It addresses to alternative travelers, offering a low profile -and low cost- type of vacations. The island is quite convenient to explore. Pothia, the busy port and capital, spreads amphitheatrically on two hills, featuring pink and orange buildings of Italian origin, very narrow streets, amenities on the waterfront and sponges on sale everywhere.

The ancient Kalymnos lies in the region of Chorio, while contemporary, peaceful touristic resorts can be found in Mirties, Masouri and Armeos (also preferred by rock climbers), with facilities for all tastes. A definite must see in Kalymnos is the picturesque agricultural village of Vathis: Rina, its fjord-like gorgeous harbor is indeed something to remember. Kalymnos is hard to forget, anyhow. Of all the Greek islands, this one will surely rock your world.

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Beaches Food Things to see & do


: Sandy, long beach with a few tavernas, bars and shops, set at the tourist resort of Panormos.


: Lovely waters and calm atmosphere, an ideal beach for swimming and also windsurfing. Situated at Emporios village.


: Long, sandy and organized beach, located at the touristic settlement of the same name. Young people’s favorite. Beach bar and water sports facilities are available.


: Snorkeling and diving are popular in this picturesque sandy bay. Some amenities are also available.


: Sandy shore with crystal blue waters, with a few amenities nearby. It’s close to Mirties village.


: A small beautiful bay with pebbles, sand, a few sun beds, umbrellas and tavernas nearby.

Aegean Tavern

: Masouri, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine

Exotic Ambeli

: Kalamies, Greek cuisine

Aigaio Pelagos

: Vathis, Greek cuisine


: Masouri, Greek cuisine


: Emporios, Greek cuisine

Kalymnos of the past

: While in Pothia, visit the Archaeological Museum (one of the best in the Greek islands) and the Castle of Panagia Chrysoheria (aka Castle of the Knights of Saint John). On your way to Chorio, the ancient capital of Kalymnos, you can admire the byzantine Pera Castro, a village/fortress with great views. Outside Pothia, you can also see the early Christian church of Jesus of Jerusalem, built on the remains of the ancient temple of Delian Apollo.

Tour the island on a boat

: Regular trips include Kefalas Cave at Porthia and Daskalio Cave at Vathis –both of great archaeological and geological interest- as well as islet Nera.

Sponge history

: It is unfolded magically in the Sponge Factory of the island, the Nautical and Folklore Museum at Pothia, the Sea World Museum at Vlihadia and the mansion of Nikolas Vouvalis (19th century sponge merchant and island benefactor).


: This neighboring islet is 10 minutes by caique. No vehicles are allowed, the beaches are pristine, while it’s also a rock climbing destination.

Rock climbing, diving and hiking are top activities in Kalymnos

: There is also the International Climbing festival held on May and the Diving Festival in August. As for hiking, the island’s routes are more than ten and equally rewarding.

Local delicacies

: Try “kritharokouloura” (barley bread), tangerines, sweet wine anama, mizithra and kalathaki cheese. Also, the popular dishes spinialo (made with pines, urchins and sea rays preserved in sea water) and mouri (stuffed lamb).

Map of Kalymnos

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