Local specialties

You can try delicious spaghetti with lobster, ambelofasoula (string beans), myzithra cheese, fava (made with chick peas), xerotigana (sweet pastries with honey) and meletinia (cheese pies with eggs and sugar). Rakomelo (the alcohol drink raki with honey and cinnamon) is a real treat on Schinousa.

Join the feast

Local food, music and dance guarantee an unforgettable Greek island feast experience on Schinousa.


A small, wind-protected cove with blue-green waters (remote and not organized). It’s one of the island’s less frequented, ideal to lay back and enjoy swimming and snorkeling. You’ll have to walk for 30 minutes or so in order to reach it, but it’s absolutely worth it.


Large and sandy beach with a few trees that provide shade, plus facilities such as accommodation options and restaurants.