GREEK ISLANDS: Which one(s) should I visit?

Time to go on holidays and what is better then visiting one of the Greek islands?

Do you find it difficult to choose where to go?

Let’s see…

First of all, we must clarify that each one of the Greek islands has its own “character” and feel. OK, the sea is beautiful, so is the food, the nature, the people and so on…

But most of the times, the details make the difference…

Feel like partying?

For example, if you feel like partying all day and all night, we’ve got two “names” for you. MYKONOS and PAROS. From the early summer till the autumn’s beginning, these islands are the “paradise” for party animals.

Don’t take us wrong. These islands are beautiful for people who aren’t so into staying till dawn drinking and partying..

So if you still want to explore Mykonos and Paros but also avoid the crowd, it would be wise to go on May or September and you will feel their beauty in its entirety..

For the nightlife explorers, there is also the case of Rhodes, Skiathos, Ios, Kos and, of course, Crete where you can literally enjoy any type of holidays there..

if hanging out with celebrities is one of your wills then  we recommend Kefalonia, Corfu and Zakynthos,

For the nature lovers

For the nature lovers, SANTORINI’S volcano and sunset is a “must see”, but there is also THASOS, PATMOS and LEFKADA, with the famous Porto Katsiki beach.

MILOS and SKOPELOS are great island choices for couples, and FOLEGANDROS, ALONISSOS, KYTHIRA and IKARIA for a “home-alone” trip.

The villages of AMORGOS, SIFNOS, CHIOS, LESVOS are beautiful and ELAFONISOS & KALYMNOS can be described as “pure magic”.

Feel like sailing?

If you feel like travelling with a sailing boat and exploring a different island each day (and night), you can combine PAROS & ANTIPAROS with MILOS, KIMOLOS, SIFNOS and FOLEGRANDROS, but there is always the way for the Ionian, with CORFU – KEFALONIA –LEFKADA – ZAKYNTHOS – ITHACA – PAXI & ANTIPAXI.

Are you a food lover?

On the other hand, if taste is your “guide”, you should not miss, among others, the “psimeni” (roasted) raki of AMORGOS, the marshmallow of SYROS, the honey pie of LESVOS, the chickpea soup of SIFNOS (birthplace of the famous chef Nikos Tselementes), the mastiha of CHIOS, the “strifti” cheese pie of SKOPELOS, the “raki and tapas” of CRETE.

Also, the fava bean food of SANTORINI, the “pastitsada” (meat with sauce) of CORFU, the pie of KEFALONIA, the “bobota” (potato pie) of TINOS, the “mostra” (nuts with tomato and cheese cream) of MYKONOS, the “soufiko” (vegetables food) of IKARIA, the “tserepa” chicken of ITHACA, the “vyzanti” (oven roasted lamb) of KARPATHOS, the mizithra pie of LESVOS and the halva of NISYROS.


As we at Your Greek Island use to say, there is a great Greek island for every visitor. Your wish can become true and your vacation, unforgettable…