Don’t miss the Rethymno Wine Festival and the Renaissance Festival held in July at the Erofili Theatre and the Fortezza castle.

Ideon Andron (Ideon Cave)

Situated close to Anogia village, on the Nida plateau of Mt Psiloritis, this cave used to be a prestigious ancient religious centre, associated with the myth of god Zeus, who was said to have been raised here.

Moni Arkadiou

A symbol of freedom and heroism, it is a landmark site of great historical, architectural and religious importance in Crete.

Rethymno Town highlights

Begin with a walk along the coastal road, filled with palm trees, move to the old town, where you can see the Rimondi Fountain, Porta Guora, Loggia, Neratzes Mosque, the Historical and Folklore Museum and many more sites.