Dance, trance& more

The Samothraki Dance Festival is a must for electronic music fans. It is held every August and attracts many visitors. The municipality of the island also organizes a series of cultural events titled “Kaveiria”.

Local specialties

The well-known delicious goat kid meat of Samothraki is served everywhere on the island. You can also try praousti (a type of fruit), which is the local syrup sweet.

Best views

From the chapel of Panagia Krimniotissa, built on a steep cliff, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Samothraki, especially in sunset.

Activities for all

Thanks to its superb morphology, Samothraki is ideal for many types of activities, such as trekking, canyoning, climbing, mountain bike and kayak. If you feel more laid-back, try bird watching, as well as spa and wellness at the island’s famous hot springs.

Swimming in vathres (water pools)

It is, indeed, a unique experience. Samothraki’s most famous river stream of Fonias (eng “Murderer”) forms the island’s tallest waterfall of Klidosi (35m) and many vathres of varying access difficulty.