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One of the top attractions among the Greek islands, the volcano on Nisyros guarantees an unforgettable experience, as it gives you the opportunity to actually walk inside the crater and feel the special energy of the site. The (dormant yet still active) caldera is 15.000 years old and boasts of six main craters: Stefanos (with a diameter of 260 m and a 30 m depth it’s the biggest one – also one of the largest hydrothermal craters in the world), small Stefanos or Andreas, Logothetis, Megalos Polivotis, Mikros Polivotis and Alexandros. The landscape of the volcano is absolutely captivating and the smell of hydrogen sulfide is intense. Make sure you wear athletic shoes and avoid visiting at noon, as the temperatures are rather high. Wanna know more about Nisyros’ volcano? Do visit the modern Volcanological Museum at the village of Nikia, where you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the caldera.

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