Town’s ancient highlights

Things to see & do at Kos island

  • Ancient Market - Kos
  • Temple of Hercules - Ancient Market - Kos
  • Kidnapping of Europe floor mosaic - Ancient market - Kos
  • Temple of Dionysos - Ancient Market - Kos
  • Odeion - Kos
  • Casa Romana (roman villa) - Kos
  • Archaeological Museum - Kos
  • Hippocrates’ tree - Kos

Overview of Town’s ancient highlights

Check out the ancient agora with temples of Aphrodite and Hercules, the floor mosaic of the “Kidnapping of Europe” and the temple of Dionysos. Also, the odeion, the Casa Romana (roman villa), the Archaeological Museum and Hippocrates’ tree, under which it is said he used to teach.

Map of Town’s ancient highlights

Reviews of Town’s ancient highlights

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