Anogi village

Things to see & do at Ithaca island

  • Agia Panagia - Anogi - Ithaca
  • Agia Panagia - Anogi - Ithaca
  • Bell tower of Agia Panagia - Anogi - Ithaca
  • Araklis - Menhir - Anogi - Ithaca
  • Niritos - Anogi - Ithaca

Overview of Anogi village

The highest built settlement in Ithaki is known for the beautiful church of Agia Panagia with its well-preserved Byzantine frescoes and Venetian bell tower. Outside the village, you can see many bizarre rock formations resembling menhirs, the tallest of which (8m) is named “Araklis” (aka Hercules). You can also enjoy a walk in the forest of Anogi, located on Mt Niritos.

Map of Anogi village

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