Daily boat excursions

To the tranquil islet of Samiopoula at the south of Samos, but also to the nearby island of Ikaria and the small island complex of Fourni.

For nature lovers

Explore the two mountains of Samos (rocky Kerkis and verdant Ambelos/Karvounis). Furthermore, the wetlands of Alyki, Mesokambos (a swamp) and Glyfades (lakes) provide shelter for migratory birds and other animal species.

Efpalinio Orygma/Tunel

Close to Pythagorio, this is another top sight of Samos and one of the most important ancient technical achievements (also called “the eighth wonder”).


Situated in the coastal settlement of the same name, at the mouth of river Imvrassos, where goddess Hera was born, Ireon is one of the top Greek island attractions and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Nearby excursions

The coastal settlement of Galatas is just across Poros, but also Lemonodasos (aka Lemon Forest), the ancient city of Troezen (birthplace of Theseus) and Epidaurus, where the Great Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus is located.

Nearby boat trips

Boat trip around the island and also to the nearby Greek islands of the Argosaronic (Angistri, Aegina, Hydra, Spetses).

Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi

An historic fortified 18th c monastery, which contributed to the Greek War of Independence. It is situated in a magnificent location with plane trees and water springs.

Temple of Poseidon

Few of its remains are located at the plateau of Palatia, a spot with amazing views of the Argosaronic Gulf. It was a Doric temple built in 520 BC, dedicated to god Poseidon, the island’s patron.