Sophisticated Chios remains classy and traditional as it is one of the less touristic Greek islands and also one of the most unspoiled.


Sikinos has never been popular with tourists, but it has always been a real charmer for travelers who choose peaceful, low budget vacations.


A typical Greek island of the famous complex, with laid-back and friendly atmosphere, where everything is kept in balance, despite its popularity.


Leros is one of the most unexplored Greek islands, ignored by mass tourism, yet truly accommodating, with so much to offer.


Small and tranquil, Kythnos is probably the most discrete Greek island among the Cyclades.


Karpathos is the best kept secret of the Dodecanese island complex as it has never surrendered to mass tourist development.


Myth says that Anafi emerged from the sea in order to provide shelter to the Argonauts. Nowadays, this small island is a refuge for alternative travelers.


Between the cosmopolitan Dodecanese Kos and Rhodes, lies tiny Tilos, one of the less touristic Greek islands, yet to be explored.


Symi is a tiny gem in the Dodecanese complex; a Greek island that you fall in love at first sight, mainly thanks to its picture perfect port and capital.


Skyros is one of those peaceful low profile Greek islands that long to be discovered. It is the least crowded of the Sporades complex.