Local & delicious

Thyme honey, graviera and myzithra (types of cheese) are trademark products in Skyros. As for the island’s specialties, you should try fava (made of chick peas), kid goat meat and of course the excellent spaghetti with lobster.

Culture and customs

The annual “Skyros Festival” is held on July and August, featuring art events and music performances, while the island’s numerous religious feasts take place all year long.

Must boat trips

The islet Sarakino at the south of Skyros features the gorgeous beach of Glyfada, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. You can also visit the island’s famed sea caves of Pentekali, Diatripiti, etc, with impressive emerald waters and stalactites.

Skyrian horses

Their size resembles the size of ponies, but the truth is that Skyrian horses are one of a kind; a rare, protected species, the majority of which lives on Skyros (and in particular at Mt. Kochylas, a Natura 2000 protected area).