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The Archaeological Folklore Museum and the Nautical Museum at Chorio display fascinating findings and exhibits about the island’s history, lifestyle and traditions. They are both housed in two beautiful neoclassical buildings. Next to the Archaeological Folklore Museum lies the four-storey mansion of Chatziagapitos, also worth a visit. Spetsaria, the village’s old pharmacy (now the municipal clinic) is another must-see example of local architecture.

The relics of an ancient monument called Pontikokastro and the island’s old Mills, located at the hilltop of Chorio.

Viniculture flourished on Symi, especially at byzantine times. The island features more than a hundred wine stone presses, eleven of which have been restored (at the inland area of Kourkouniotis) and are available to visit.

The fortified Monastery of Archangel Michail Roukouniotis: It is famous for its frescoes and the icon of St Michael, a work of great artistic value.


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