Kasos’ rich gastronomy

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  • Kasos’ rich gastronomy

Overview of Kasos’ rich gastronomy

Try makarounes (a type of handmade pasta), dolmades (small stuffed grape leaves), pilafi (rice cooked in meat broth with tomatoes), kolokithopoulia (stuffed flowers of courgettes), paspara (lamb stuffed with rice, tomato, onion, liver, spices, etc) and boustia (lamb offal stuffed with liver and rice). Also, soupiopilafo (rice with squid ink), kouloures (crispy baked rolls) and the island’s three most popular types of sheep and goat cheese (almirotiri, elaiki and sitaka). Also don’t forget to taste Kasos’ delicious butter “kaouli”. For desert, you can have moschopougia (small pouch-shaped pastries filled with nuts).

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